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The online net to gross tax calculator. Using this web based calculator you can calculate the gross pay before tax for a required level of  take home pay. In short work backwards from the money you want to take home to the Gross salary required to give you that take home pay. This sometimes referred to as a reverse tax calculator. The net to gross salary calculator requests the net pay required, and then computes the gross pay , computing pay as you earn tax(PAYE) and National insurance contributions.

To use the net to gross calculator, you will be required to provide the following information.
– required net monthly pay
– Your taxcode if you know it
– Student loan plan if relevant

Once you have input these into the net to gross salary calculator, simply press the compute button to obtain the figures
You will get the figures for

Gross pay
Take home pay
Pay as you earn tax
National insurance contributions
Student loan

You also have the option to get the figures for Annual, monthly, weekly and daily pay.

The Costrak salary calculator is intended to provide estimated salary figures and is not intended to be financial advice.

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