Who uses timesheets

Who uses timesheets?

Timesheets are used by many types of business and organisations. The common thread is a need to measure and improve the use of time by people in that organisational unit. Timesheets are popular in Accountancy ,Law , Architects, and Consulting Engineering firms. Typically, they measure the time spent on individual clients and individual jobs for those clients. Business entities involved in joint ventures  and Project managers would use timesheets to accurately measure component costs.


Who uses Clock card systems.?

Clock card systems can be a variant of the timesheets system. With the clock time system,time tracking is facilitated by imputing the clock times for day start, day end , break periods.the system that determines the hours worked. These systems are popular where the emphasis is on time spent with a single client and the client is assigning the work.

Hence ,what is required an easy to check record of time worked,plus an automated weekly invoicing system. These systems are most popular with temping agencies and independent contractors.


 Current features of Costrak Timesheets and their uses:

Security groups: You assign users accounts to security groups to give each user the level of access you have allowed for that security group. So members of the principals group can access all areas,but members of the staff group would be restricted to imputing timesheets and members of the senior staff group could do both input timesheets and create new projects and client accounts.


Departments: Clients and projects can be assigned to departments and in this way, a traditional partnership structure can be maintained. So each partner would be use a single department to identify their clients.


Clients & projects: You create an account for each client. Once the client is created ,you would then create projects for the client. For example,

Client Name: Top notch Guitars ltd

ClientID: TNG103

Project Name: TNG103  accounts 2013


Billing: Currently,the billing facility enable you to extract a list of time and material postings you wish to bill out. At the same time, the items selected are no longer available for billing and the bill total is posted to the clients ledger reducing the un billed total.


Reports: You can print out individual timesheets. You can also print out work in progress reports by client or by project.

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