Billing – Invoicing – UK MTD VAT – Mobile App

How to use Costrak Accounts as MTD Bridging Software

1, Download the App from the App Store.

2, Follow the steps in the Invoicing walk through for 1 valid invoice

3, Follow the steps in the article on importing invoices and expenses.

4, Make sure you do not include the invoice you used in step 2 in your import, avoid duplication.

5, Generate the VAT return as per the Invoicing Walk through

From home page Click: Vat returns > New VAT returns >(Select required period from list) > Generate

6, Review the Vat return boxes: From Home page click

VAT returns > VAT return List > (Select required return from list)

7, File the VAT return . From Home page click:

VAT returns> Transmission >(Select required return from list)> Send