Billing – Invoicing – UK MTD VAT – Mobile App

How to prepare and send an invoice

This article follows the Invoicing walk through found in Costrak Accounts IOS App.

Step 01:PRESS HERE TO – Complete your details business address, invoice payment details,
VAT Registration details if relevant,Flat Rate Scheme if relevant, Accounting year details.

Step 02:PRESS HERE TO – Add a new Client you want to invoice.

Step 03:PRESS HERE TO – Add a new Price/Charge you want to use on invoice.

Step 04:PRESS HERE TO – Add a new Invoice for your services that you want to send.
a;Click new invoice on the page and fill in the invoice details as required.
b;press next and then press the Add new line link,
c; Fill in the details requested, then press add.
d;press the save button on the invoice screen.

Step 05:PRESS HERE TO – Add a new expense receipt/Invoice that you want to record.
Click new on the page and fill in the invoice details as required.

Step 06:PRESS HERE TO – Send a sales Invoice to your client, the App generates the invoice which you should preview.
Press preview to see the invoice.
Click Send to generate an email with PDF attached.

Step 07:PRESS HERE TO – Authorise Costrak Accounts to send VAT returns to HMRC.
a;Click on the Get Auth button.
b;Login to HMRC site .
c;Grant Costrak Authority requested.
d;you must copy the code provided then press the done button to return to the App.
e; Paste the code provided in the box provided in the App and pres Save.
f;If your codes are valid, the buttons go green.
g;Press the close button.

Step 08:PRESS HERE TO – Generate VAT returns .
a;Review the list of obligations to file VAT return.
b;The dates are in YYYY-MM-DD format.
c;Open means its not yet filed so you can file for that.
d;Fulfilled means that you have filed the VAT return.
e;Select the appropriate VAT return by clicking on it,.
f:On the new page click on Generate VAT return.
g;Click on close.

Step 09:PRESS HERE TO – Preview/Review VAT returns.
a;Review the list of VAT returns.
b;Click on any return to review amounts and status .

Step 10:PRESS HERE TO – Send VAT return to HMRC .
a;Review the list of VAT returns.
b;Review the declaration and be sure you understand it.
c;Click on the Send MTD button.
d;The page will reload and you will be able to see HMRC response.
e;its recommended you check your online VAT account to verify the return has been received.